Learning Piano Team Building Workshop

Bringing people together through music

A creative,fun and unique way to bring people together as a team and strengthen the bonds between colleges at work through learning how to play the piano.

During the full day workshop everybody will learn the basics of playing piano teams will be formed to work together to learn,practice and perform a simple and fun song through out the course of the day which they will perform for everybody at the end of the day. Each team will receive a prize for their accomplishments.

The Benefits of this workshop are :

  • Individuals learn to work as a team to conquer the basics of learning an instrument and basic music theory.

  • Individuals creative and thinking abilities will be put to the test and they will learn how to collaborate with other members of the team to achieve their goal of playing a song together at the end of the day.

  • Teams and individuals get to experience the joy sense of achievement by sharing their new skills with everybody in the workshop.

  • The simple joy of learning piano and having a new skill can be so powerful and can bring endless hours of enjoyment and pleasure to the new piano player.

  • Being able to play piano sharpens your senses,strengthens an individuals coordination and is a great stress relief tool.

Bring People Together

A creative music workshop that brings people together through music and more specifically playing keyboards,writing and performing a song together and as a team can be a great achievement.

Music is a powerful tool and by playing an instrument it can empower a person and inspire others around them. Its fun and entertaining while strengthening and building bonds between staff.

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