Start Piano Today !

Make your dream of playing piano come through!

This course is aimed at students of the piano from complete beginners and retirees to capable intermediate players and beyond. Learn at your own pace !


Concise programs in classical piano covering all areas of study to make study and practice fun as well as productive.

Students can grow as players and achieve a level of expertise that might previously have been little more than a dream.

20 comprehensive lessons including:

About the piano, Sight-reading, Theory, Notation, Scales, Arpeggios, Chords, Music Symbols, Rests, Good posture, Valuable practice tips, Finger exercises and How to play a song.

Keith Nolan studied piano from the early age of five years old in Dublin, Ireland and sat his examinations at the Royal Irish Academy of music.

I have been a professional piano instructor, pianist accompanist, recording artist and session musician for more than thirty years.

My piano playing career has seen me tour the world with the legendary Australian group Yothu Yindi (including a famous appearance at Glastonbury Festival), accompany artistes such as Gloria Gaynor, Geoff Achison, Deni Hines, The John Lee Hooker Band (with daughter Zakiya Hooker on vocals), and even feature on screen alongside action movie star Steven Seagal.

Keith as written a piece of music for you to learn during this course and has devised a fun quiz for you to help you remember things you have learnt from the course. There is also a PDF file with every lesson with homework and valuable practice tips and lesson reminders.

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in learning piano from the very beginning

  • People from 5 years old upwards

  • Retirees just wanting to learn piano comfortably at their own pace